Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day Zero Project: update 12

“You never knew the last time you were seeing someone. You didn't know when the last argument happened, or the last time you had sex, or the last time you looked into their eyes and thanked God they were in your life. After they were gone? That was all you thought about. Day and night.” ~ J.R. Ward

The Day Zero Project.

101 tasks in 1001 days.

Update 12

Starts: June 19, 2013

Ends: March 16, 2016

Tasks achieved so far: 35/101

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oatmeal Banana Pancakes {vegan & gluten-free}

reading time: ca. 2 min

Preparation time: 15-20 mins
Main ingredients: oats, bananas, non-dairy milk
difficulty level: easy
serves: 2-3
suitable for: vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and delicious "even so"

Good morning, pancake!

'Scuse me? An egg-less, wheat-less, milk-less pancake? How's that gonna work? Let me tell you - it works pretty well. I made these pretty babies for my beloved flatmates last weekend, and they were pretty impressed with the outcome! Right, guys? (raising eyebrow)

Instead of wheat flour, you can use oats, buckwheat, almond flour, even coconut flour. Instead of eggs we use flaxseed and bananas. And instead of dairy milk we go with non-dairy milk - i recommend the creamy almond milk, but any other kind will work fine too!

random side note: ever since last Thursday you can actually add me and follow my blog on Google+ to get your updates instantly. Just throwin that out there :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vegan Rice Pudding ( + home made apple sauce)

reading time: ca. 2 min

Preparation time: 30 mins
Main ingredients: rice, non-dairy milk, apples
difficulty level: easy
serves: 2
suitable for: vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and delicious "even so"

What better way to celebrate autumn than by snuggling into your cosiest blanket (or oversized sweater) and munching on some warm rice pudding with homemade apple sauce? Oh, and lighting a fall-scented candle of course (or several). And sipping on a cup of hot chocolate. And having a crackling chimney fire in the background. Yeah, i think we got everything covered.

As a child rice pudding was pretty much my favourite dish (along with pancakes and semolina porridge perhaps). And since i always get to hear how "vegans can't eat anything but salad and carrots" i needed to prove that vegan rice pudding is at least as good as non-vegan rice pudding. Boyfriend-approved.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

17 things I learned by 17

reading time: ca. 1 min

1. People will promise to never leave you. They will. It’s okay to be sad when they do.

2. It is always okay to cry. Always. Find a bathroom, bury your face in your pillow, and let it out. Cry in the shower. Cry in the car. Cry when you need to.

3. Boys will flirt with you for a while and then ignore you. Then, they will flirt with you some more. It will be confusing. You have every right to stop putting up with it.

4. Pay attention to what people say when they’re angry. When you make up and they tell you they didn’t mean any of it, know that they did. Also know that they wish they didn’t. Forgive them.

5. Never pretend to be someone you’re not. If you don’t like tea and classic novels, don’t act like you do to impress people. If you don’t want to wear leather jackets and combat boots, don’t wear them to please someone else.

6. People will be mean to you; they will spread lies, call you names, and talk about you behind your back. Eventually you will realize that it is petty and stupid and not worth your time. You’ll be right. Move on with your life.

7. Your friends will not always be there for you. When you really need to talk, they will sometimes not want to hear it. That’s okay. Take a deep breath and remember all the times you felt the same way. Exhale. 

8. You will wait and wait and wait for your first kiss and your first date and your first relationship. The anticipation will kill you. You will keep trying to find the right person in everyone you meet. Relax. There’s no rush. The best things happen unplanned.

9. Enjoy being young. Love that everything is spontaneous. As you get older, things become more and more scheduled out. Embrace the fact that you aren’t there yet. 

10. Tell people how you feel. It will be terrifying in some cases and gratifying in others. It will create relationships and ruin them. But speak your mind, even if your voice shakes, because your thoughts may never otherwise be heard.

11. Sleep. If you go to bed late, sleep in. If you’re still tired when you wake up, go back to bed. If you can’t stay awake during the day, take a nap. Sleeping is a foolproof way of getting rid of your problems for a little while. Utilize it.

12. Talk to people. Talk to your sister about the guy she likes. Talk to your mom about her childhood. Talk to your dad about his favorite books. Talk to your grandparents about their families. Talk to your friends, talk to your pets, talk to the cute waitress at the restaurant. Learn things from them. Be inspired.

13. Always bring a sweater. Even if you think it won’t be cold.

14. Try new things. Eat a new food, try a new kind of juice, switch up the way you dress. You never know what you might end up loving. Life can get boring. Mix it up a bit.

15. Take care of yourself. Wash your hair with that good smelling soap you love. Eat fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water. Go for long walks in pretty parks.

16. School is important. Try your hardest. If you don’t get something, ask for help. Do your homework. Show your teachers that you’re willing to work hard, and when it comes time to apply to colleges, you’ll be glad you did.

17. There will always be someone prettier, smarter, funnier, or more popular than you. The beauty of it is that it isn’t a competition.

(by the way, this is me at 16 and being a little poser. just another awkward Maisy in the mirror.)


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((') (')

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Maisy ❤ September 2014

reading time: ca. 2 min

Hey there - 
besides enjoying my remaining semester break (and waiting for my bachelor's degree certificate, sigh) i picked up a few books from a charity book store and delved into one of the most intriguing and skilfully written thriller novel i have read in a long time (ever).

Read: Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn, 2012)

source: mkalty

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Quinoa Veggie Stir-Fry (vegan)

reading time: ca. 2 min

Preparation time: 30 mins
Main ingredients: quinoa, carrot, tomato
difficulty level: easy - moderate
serves: 2
suitable for: vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and delicious "even so"

Have you heard of quinoa (keenoah :P) yet? If you are vegan and slightly hipster, or trying to be any of those things, you certainly will have. This was the first time i tried to create something using quinoa (which used to be also known as chisaya mama, the "mother of all grains" among the Incas), and it turned out damned bloody good if i may say so about my very own creation :)

Health benefits:
The pseudo-cereal grain Quinoa is considered a superfood with very high protein content, as well as magnesium and iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and dietary fiber. It is also gluten-free and considered easy to digest.